AI Engineer

Red Dot Analytics is seeking one motivated research engineer in developing an AI-based data-driven framework. He/she will take a key role in participating in the AI research and development.

Key responsibilities:

  1. Employ automated text mining on public and private sources of information;
  2. Apply feature engineering to extract relevant features from the raw data;
  3. Create a benchmark dataset for business applications;
  4. Utilize Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Knowledge Graph for data analysis;
  5. Train, test, validate, and optimize the DL model;
  6. Build web application to demonstrate the AI model;
  7. Generate professional reports and publications of meaningful outcomes with novel insights.


  1. Bachelor/Master’s degree from a recognised university;
  2. Familiar with Python-based web-crawling frameworks, such as scrapy;
  3. Familiar with database programming and management, such as using MySQL, MangoDB, etc;
  4. Familiar with utilizing DL models, including LSTM, CNN, Transformer, for natural language inference;
  5. Familiar with building web applications with web frameworks such as Flask, Django;
  6. Fluent spoken and written English.

Interested candidates can send their CVs to