Cognitive Twin

Industry-Focused Technology

Cognitive Engine

artificial intelligence, brain, think

A machine learning-based engine that utilises deep reinforcement learning approach and neural network, similar to how a human would draw conclusions, to train the learning algorithms continuously.

Digital Twin

Data Hall Model

A remarkable visualisation platform that combines the 3D representation, the CFD model, and the Energy model of an infrastructure, calibrated with physical sensor data to provide powerful real-time insights.

Customer Testimonial

“This reflects an effort to move 'from zero to one', as it marks the first completion of a real-time, high-precision sandbox system to help data center operators validate whether a change will cause issues, thus reducing the chance of outages."
Optimized & Industry-ready

Dual-Cycle Loop with Human-in-the-Loop Architecture

Our process includes both the physical world and the cyber world in conjunction with human experts in order to provide the best and most trustworthy actions for infrastructure management.

Dual-Cycle Loop

A dual-cycle loop consisting of both cyber and physical worlds that is powered by our cognitive twin.

Internet of Cognitive Twins

A set of unified and programmable cognitive twins for both internal infrastructure and external cooling plants.

Cloud AI Platforms

Provides easy integration and development via advanced AI engineering suite contained within a cloud platform.

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