Data centre

Industry Grade Digital Twin Solution

Risk Management

Dynamic Cooling Optimisation

Predictive Maintenance

Capacity Management

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Lowering human errors risk by up to 70%​
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Save up to 40% of cooling energy cost​
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Reduce up to 75% of all breakdowns​
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Increase capacity utilisation by 2x​

AI-Driven Applications For The Entire Data Centre's Life Cycle

System Overview

Data Hall Model

The data hall model consist of industry grade CFD solver integrated with pre-existing sensors, to generate training data in extreme IT scenarios used for design validation, capacity planning and thermal risk mitigation.

Chiller Plant Model

The chiller plant model consist of the cooling and energy schematics integrated with pre-existing sensors used to generate training data in extreme demand scenarios used for joint dynamic cooling optimisation between data halls.

AI Engine

A data-driven deep model that is designed to capture sophisticated relationship between supply (Facility) and demand (IT) side, that is used to predict the future state of the data centre and hence provide insights for improvement.


A cloud AI platform that can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud, with a friendly user interface designed for ease of use and an open application programming interface (API) for seamless integration.

Case Studies

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