Product & Services

Research as a Foundation

Red Dot Analytics has its roots in academic research. Over the years, much of our technology has been published in peer-reviewed journals and validated by AI experts all over the world.

Through research, we are able to generate a powerful system for a more sustainable world.

Bringing Academic Theories to Life

Cognitive Twin as a Service

Improve enterprise decision-making and automate operations through (but not limited to) virtual audits, feasibility studies and customised applications around operational and energy efficiency.

Cognitive Twin as a Tool

Enable business for optimisation with pre-defined modular applications that addresses day-to-day operational needs such as design validation, risk validation, change validation, available on-cloud and on-premise.

Cognitive Twin as a Platform

Extend your capabilities with our robust cognitive twin capability to your existing platform and solutions through API integration, for business growth and technologies collaboration.

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