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Red Dot Analytics received the 2024 Best Practice Award from Frost & Sullivan for Its Leadership in Artificial Intelligence Data Center-enabling Technology in APAC

Singapore, 9 May 2024 — With its optimization platform featuring a powerful artificial intelligence (AI) engine, advanced physics-informed digital twin (DT) platforms, and customer-centric approach, Red Dot Analytics (RDA) earns Frost & Sullivan’s 2024 Asia-Pacific (APAC) Enabling Technology Leadership Award in the AI data center landscape.


Founded in 2016, RDA is a deep-tech spinoff from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, envisioning to transform the applications of AI and DT solutions to digitalize, optimize, and automate data center operations for the full data center lifecycle, from design and building to operation and maintenance.

RDA’s optimization platform DCVerse features a powerful AI engine and advanced physics-driven DT platforms that cover the complete spectrum of thermal and energy systems, including chiller plants, computer room air conditioners, liquid cooling, heat-exchange modeling at the chip level, and air-liquid hybrid cooling modeling.

To date, RDA has deployed its predictive analysis and optimization capabilities across 10,000+ racks carrying 130-megawatt IT capacity to generally achieve more than 10% energy efficiency improvements within one quarter.

According to market research, with the rapid adoption of AI, data centers will need to realign their design and operation capabilities to address the unique needs of AI workloads. Data center service providers must invest in technologies that can create cutting-edge facilities.


“As AI deployments require data centers to accommodate the unique demands of AI workloads in both design and operation, RDA has developed an offering that aligns with this industry trend,” said Nishchal Khorana, Global Vice President and Program Leader: ICT at Frost & Sullivan. “In addition, the company’s product roadmap, which includes planning, development, and implementation strategies, considers clients’ feedback to ensure that its portfolio effectively meets customers’ evolving requirements.”


Furthermore, RDA's solution offers industry-grade modeling and optimization for hybrid cooling setups (air cooling and liquid cooling) to ensure the necessary cooling density and capacity that is critical for automatic identification and data capture (AIDC), which is the mainstream of future data centers.

“The company’s brand strength, substantiated by over 18 technology disclosures and patents and 60+ scientific publications, supports its exceptional growth trajectory. Above and beyond, RDA’s values anchor its commitment, customer-centricity, and unwavering focus on delivering tangible benefits,” said Riana Barnard, Best Practice Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

With its optimization platform that designs new and legacy data infrastructure for AI workloads, RDA offers a unique value proposition to transform the data center landscape. Frost & Sullivan expects RDA to continue reaping the rewards of abundant demand.


                                                                                                                                                       9 May 2024

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