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Our Solutions

Triangle of Value

Red dot analytics data center optimisation

Reliable AI Recommendations

Transparency on the results expected

User Centric

Easy to use, quick outcomes, reduced onboarding process

Physics informed machine learning 

Validating the data follow the physics rules, providing explanation to the data black box. More intelligent solution

Partners rda
“This reflects an effort to move ‘from zero to one’, as it marks the first completion of a real-time, high-precision sandbox system to help data center operators validate whether a change will cause issues, thus reducing the chance of outages."
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Our Solutions

RDA full suite of solutions

01 Risk Manager

From data to risk management.

AI Engine behind RDA Risk Manager help you analyse the operational data, pinpoints underlying risks. Let RDA Risk Manager learn your pattern for a safer operation.

02 Energy Optimiser

Harness the power of your data.

RDA Energy Optimiser empowers you to identify the most efficient control policies and fine-tune your operational energy consumption. Achieve sustainable savings and eco-friendly practices with RDA Energy Optimiser.

03 Impact Analyser

Make data-driven decision.

RDA Impact Analyser help you to conduct analysis and design validation before you implement changes, help you make better decision.

04 Eco Pilot

Fuel your sustainable journey.

RDA Eco Polit help you to monitor the carbon emission and minimising the environmental impact by maximising the energy efficiency.

Proven Results

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Industry-grade Sandbox System based on Auto-Calibration improved manageability of data centre

Reduced cost of sensors by 90%
Reduced stress testing time from 1 month to 1week
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Optimise Chiller Plant system

5 Chillers, 5 Cooling towers,

annual cooling electricity 5.2Gwh.

The COP has been improved by 9% within 3 months of deployment.
The carbon savings from initial deployment is 124 tons
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Data hall cooling optimisation 
+ what-if analysis

1 data hall, 133 Racks, 530 m2

Reduced the Hotspots by
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Co-optimisation of 1 Chiller Plant and CRACs in 3 data halls


PUE improved to Green Mark Platinum in 6 weeks

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