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Backend Developer


Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Red Dot Analytics is seeking a motivated backend developer who is responsible for developing and designing webbased applications, ensuring their responsiveness, and working alongside UI designer for system design features,
among other duties. He/she will take a key role in participating in the development and implementation strategy of a
cloud AI platform for industrial application, e.g., data center operations and optimization.

Key responsibilities

  • Work with System Architect and Project Manager, to build enterprise-level data center management and data analytics services while effectively supporting product decisions and growth strategies;

  • Move fast and react quickly to customers' needs, while maintaining a high engineering standard;

  • Work with other Backend and Frontend Engineers to deliver product features;

  • Pay extra attention to engineering quality and service quality to satisfy the needs of enterprise customers.


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, related technical discipline, or equivalent practical experience;

  • Proficiency in more than one commonly used backend programming language (Java, Go or Python, etc.);

  • Proficiency in containerization techniques such as Docker;

  • At least 1 years of experience with JavaScript, familiar with concepts like asynchronous programming;

  • Experience in building large-scale web applications and optimizing the system performance in a fast-paced team environment;

  • Familiarity with quality assurance techniques such as A/B testing;

  • Familiarity with data analytics tech stacks, such as sklearn, PyTorch or TensorFlow.

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